Hanbury Manor Group Courses

At the Property Photography Academy, we teach people of all abilities how to take fantastic property photos with intensive one day training workshops set in the stunning surroundings of Hanbury Manor.

The course is great fun, very hands on and not too much theory! It gives those attending a fantastic grounding in property photography, from camera basics through to more advanced techniques (such as elevated photography) and finally how to edit photos using the software provided.

The course is a true master class, at the end of the day you’ll leave with your own powerful editing software and a stunning portfolio of images taken at the beautiful Hanbury Manor.

These courses are probably best suited for individuals.

Cost: £349 (inc software)

What you will will learn

*Introduction *essential equipment *Aperture priority *Camera shake *Composition *Depth of field *Exposure *Histograms *ISO *JPEG/RAW *Metering *Resolution *Rule of thirds *Shutter speed *White balance *Exposure triangle *Standard photos *Lifestyle photos *Bracketing *Preparation *Property survey *Framing *Sight lines *Dealing with reflections *Wide angle lens usage *Camera height *Lighting *Staging *Views *Number of walls *Virtual staging *Foreground detail *Longer focal lengths *The photographer’s ephemeris *Night photos *Perspective distortion *Shooting angles *Cheats elevated *Taking your photos *Lifestyle and detail photos *Blending your photos *Basic editing *Removing colour casts *Removing colour casts *Brightness and contrast *Adding blue skies *Cloning *Advanced editing *Window detail *Virtual boards *Example photos (Small and large properties) & finally a short test (optional)

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