Do I need my own camera?

It would be preferable, but not essential. We will have a spare Canon 600D, tripod etc for any students to use.

I am a complete beginner; can I attend your course?

Absolutely, we all have to start at sometime and the course is designed with the complete beginner in mind, content is explained slowly and easily during the day?

Does the PPA do in house training?

Yes, we can organise this, however due to the practical nature of the course we will need a location to shoot. Please call to discuss.

Can I use the PPA logo on my marketing material and stationery?

Yes, providing you pass our short exam, you will become a PPA member for 12 months and within this membership you are permitted to use the PPA logo, if fact we encourage it as it will demonstrate that you have reached a certain standard in Property Photography.

What about using the PPA logo after the initial 12months?

If you wish to continue your PPA membership there will be a small annual fee of £75. Then you are more than welcome to continue using the logo.

Apart from taking great photos what experience does the PPA have in the property sector

Our teachers have both experience as Estate Agents and Domestic Energy Assessors, so we really do understand the property industry.

I would like to stay overnight at Hanbury Manor do I get a discount on room rates?

Yes, discounts are normally available for PPA students; please call for a discount code.

Are food and beverages included in the course?

Unfortunately we are not allowed to supply food and drink within the Hotel; however, we will have a break for lunch and some tea /coffee breaks and food/drinks can be purchased at the hotel.

Do I need to bring a latop?

No, we have new laptops for you to use