Course content

The aim of the training day is very simple; we don’t want to teach you how to take perfect portraits, or action photos, but how to take truly outstanding professional property photos.

The course has been structured with the complete beginner in mind and will follow a very simple and logical order, very soon you will be taking photos you never thought possible!


  • How will this course help me?
  • Why do I need to take better photos?
  • What equipment will I need?

The Basics

  • Commonly used photographic terms & phrases
  • Basic camera knowledge

Property Photography

  • What makes a good photo?
  • What photos do I need?

The Do’s and Don’ts

  • General tips
  • Interior photos

Tips for Exterior Photography

  • How to take your exterior photos ~ a step by step guide

Tips for Interior Photography

  • How to take your interior photos ~ a step by step guide
  • Exterior Photography

Processing your images

  • Using Photoshop

Basic Editing

  • Adjusting image Clarity
  • Correcting White/Colour Balance
  • Adjusting Brightness and Contrast
  • Exporting your images

Specialist Editing

  • Adding a Blue Sky
  • Removing unwanted objects
To view a more comprehensive content breakdown please see our Group Training page

Elevated Photography

Literally taking photography to new heights. This specialist form of photography can produce some stunning and eye catching results, the photos can really stand out from the countless normal photos on the ever crowded property websites and help get your property noticed.

Matterport virtual tours

Unlike a lot of virtual tours, which are simply manipulated still photos, we’ll show you the process of how to produce genuine 360-degree tours. These fantastic tours allow potential buyers to get a really good view of your property before making an appointment.​

As you can see from the example below Matterport virtual tours produce an amazing Dolls house (3d Rendor), floor plans and you can even measure the rooms.