The Advanced course provides access to all the Advanced training videos.  

This package includes:

1. Introduction

Section 2. Flash Photography

Video 1. Basics Of Flash

Video 2. Flash Only

Video 3. Single And Multiple Flash

Video 4. Bracketing With Flash

Video 5. Flambient

Section 3. Panoramas

Section 4. One point compositions

Section 5. Manual focussing

Section 6. Elevated photography

Section 7. Post production

Video 1. Creating A Landscape Display Photo

Video 2. Creating A Landscape Display Photo

Video 3. Flambient Editing – Using Layer Masks

Video 4. Flambient Editing – Simple Blending

Video 5. Flambient Editing – Using Channels

Video 6. Add Flames To Fireplaces

Video 7. Adding Images To TVs

Video 8. Creating Actions & Watermarking

Video 9. Removing Shadows

Video 10. Using Camera Raw

Video 11. Creating Presets

Video 12. Using The Adjustment Brush

Video 13. White Balance Tool

Video 14. Panoramas

Video 15. Advanced Sky Replacement

Video 16. Getting Colours Correct

Video 17. Car Number Plates And Personal Photos

Section 8. Matterport

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