Who Can Benefit?

Why estate agents should learn professional property photography
Ultimately the more property your company sells, the better the profits and the more successful you will be. Here are four good reasons why estate agents should learn to take professional property photos…..

1. More Instructions

Really good professional photos will impress your Vendors and will undoubtedly help win you more Instructions.

For example……

A vendor invites two Agents to value their property, both companies send a very competent, experienced and friendly representative, both companies advertise on rightmove.co.uk, both advertise in their local newspaper, both are established, reputable companies and their valuations match.

The first agent uses a photo like this to market their vendor’s property…
The second agent can produce professional standard photos like this…
… which agent will win the instruction?

2. Purchasers

Whilst vendors pay your fees, let us not forget that you have to attract the all so important purchasers.

Whether a potential purchaser is viewing your sales particulars, looking at your window display or searching on the internet, what’s the first thing they will see? You have got it a photo!

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so having a great primary photo is absolutely essential, it will help attract more potential purchasers, which in turn will help maximise the selling price and achieve a quicker sale too.

3. Be the best

Don’t just be another Estate Agent, be a Professional Marketer of Property.

Rightly, or wrongly, Estate Agents are not generally held in the highest esteem and most vendors begrudge paying fees which usually cost thousands, so by demonstrating that you have taken the time and trouble to market their property with such professionalism, you will soon have a better reputation.

Don’t just show property, SHOW OFF! Both property and you will soon be known as the best Estate Agent in your area.

4. Credibility

Providing certain standards are reached within your training, you will become accredited members of the Property Photography Academy*, you will be entitled to use the property photography academy logo on your business cards, stationary, website and any other marketing material such as adverts and leaflets.

This will enhance your company’s image and help win those all important instructions.